January 30, 2008

The next remedy in the carbonseries is Beryllium. It is in stage 2 which is similar to taurus, just like the carbonseries itself. So here it is all about manifestation and the polarity of stubborn and fear will be very present.

All the more the complement (scorpio) will be suppressed and comes from the world outside. So they can be easily manipulated and abused. Stage 2 in Homeopathy and the elements:

Feeling looked at. Want to be appreciated. Look at the value of things. Have to compare. Insecure and passive. Modest. Adjust easy. Difficult to take their own space. Give away their power. Want to shield. Retract and search for safety. Need to get and also give support. Sense of duality. 

And this combined with the personal level gives Beryllium.

So it is all about growing and gaining strength. Integrating the power to become a strong and healthy person. There is already an awareness of the world outside, but there is no real interaction yet. Interaction is a gemini theme that starts it’s role in the next remedy.

Next: Boron

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