February 2, 2008

Nitrogen is the remedy in stage 15 of the carbonseries, which is the polarity between destruction and nervousness. The abstract theme of aquarius, the universal mind, is invention. 

Freedom and cooperation between individuals. Free-thinking, unorthodox, far-sighted, idealistic, utopian. Impersonal thinking, detached from emotional considerations. Interested in focusing the mind to formulate new and unusual ways of dealing with people, groups society and the world. Progressive view of things and rarely follow the beaten path. An insatiable urge for discovering that which isn’t known. Or developing that which is known into something which is new, refreshing and completely different. 

Here on the personal level of the carbonseries there is the unconventional urge to explore their own personality. 

Scholten about Nitrogen: 

Expansion of the ego. Assertion. Look confident but there is doubt. Will not show that. Selfconfidence based on support  from others. Expansion of selfvalue. Others should appreciate them. Enthousiastic. Carry out ideas. Pushy. Holding on: tension. Can not relax, although great need to. Explosive. Impatience. Holding on. Many fears. Not forgiving.

The complementary sign is Leo, which is the polarity between arrogant and disrespected. And when it is finally balanced, there is a solid confidence on the personal level.

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One Response to “Nitrogen”

  1. camilla gold said

    What a beautiful portrait of nitrogen – with a giant storm about to hit our coastline, this was a timely discovery! Thank you

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