February 6, 2008

With Natrium we arrive at the siliciumseries. With the completing of the personality, which took place in the carbonseries, it is now time to interact with other people. The manifestation of a strong personality was the quest of that previous series. The personality symbolised by taurus and it’s strength by the complementary sign, scorpio

With the siliciumseries the interest in the surrounding world emerges, the world outside the personal space. This part of the human development is similar to the next sign of the zodiac, gemini.

Clever, curious, communication. Making connection with surroundings. Trying to figure out, intelligence. Talkative, sociable, loves to interact with others on a superficial level. Unemotional, impersonal, ruled by rationality. Requires great mental stimulation. Playfull, inconstant, attention easily drifts so something new, seeks novelty.

Natrium, which is in stage 1 of this sociable and interacting series, is doing that in the characteristic way of aries.

Activity that is self-motivated, unaffected by others. New beginnings, the start of new cycles, birth, vitality. Agressive, willful, assertive. Focussed in short bursts, unlikely to sustain interest in the long term. Adventurous, pioneering, warriour-type energy, impatient, works best alone. Unconcerned with approval or acceptance. Lacks persistance and stamina. Honest and fortright.

Scholten mentions the withdrawal from relationships. Here the complementary signs come into play. Libra, the compliment of aries, has to do with relationships. And sagittarius, the compliment of gemini, has the withdrawal.

Natrium is well known for the silent grief after a relationship.

Going impulsive into relations. Can not reflect on their own behaviour in a relation. Very vulnerable for rejection. Sensitive for the behaviour of the other. Disappointed they withdraw. Give up on relationships. Feeling of a wall between them and the rest of the world. Fixed on one relationship and loosing that, gives an enormous shock.  Withdraw from relations. Don’t like company and consolation. Keep their problems to themself, very closed. No need to talk about their problems.

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