February 7, 2008

The next remedy is Magnesium in stage 2 of the siliciumseries. After the impulsive interaction of Natrium, we now have the interaction with the polarisation between stubborn and fear.

The purpose of this stage is to come to a manifest interaction, but before that can be accomplished there has to be dealth with manipulation and abuse. The polarity between stubborn and fear belongs to taurus and the polarity between manipulation and abuse to the complementary sign scorpio

This basic principle is the same as it was in the carbonseries, where the whole phase could be seen in that light. The difference here in stage 2 of the siliciumseries, is that it all has to do with the interaction with other people. There is an exchange of forces which has to be handled with flexibility instead of being to static. 

Vermeulen in Prisma about the role of Magnesium in the body:

Magnesium deficiency reduces offensive aggressive behaviour but increases defensive aggressive behaviour. Lower levels of magnesium supplementation increase the number of attacks on intruders while higher levels have the opposite effect.

Magnesium in Homeopathy and the elements:

The essential question is where they are in the relation and where the other. How to stand up for yourself and at the same time keep the relation good. Fear that the relation will be broken. To avoid that, they do not defend their own space anymore. Avoidance of aggression can become an ideal. Becoming a pacifist.

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