February 8, 2008

Aluminium is placed in stage 13 of the siliciumseries, the same stage as Boron in the carbonseries. The two signs involved are gemini and sagittarius.

The next step in the interaction of the siliciumseries is developing a personal vision. After the polarity of manipulation and abuse from Magnesium, it is now the polarity of judging and withdrawal, or on a more physical level, the polarity between expansion and retraction. 

Aluminium in nature immediately reacts with oxygen and forms clay, which is the Alumina that is mainly used in homeopathy.

In Prisma: 

Nature seems to expect aluminium to remain clay because the metal is difficult to extract. The key process for fertile soil is the formation of clay.

Expansion might explain the dryness, which is a marked characteristic of Alumina. As clay that has gone to far from its source and dries out.

Alumina in homeopathy is also well known for the confusion about his own identity. Scholten mentions the typical symptome ‘not recognise themselves when they look in the mirror’. 

With this confusion they can avoid responsibility. Acting under influence of others. Doing something because others tell them to. Can not decide which ideas to follow.  Always afraid to choose wrong.

The complementary sign is gemini with the polarity between curious and anxious, which is the same theme as the whole siliciumseries is about. As a result the final purpose of Aluminium is a visionary interaction. That is to relate with other people based on their own opinion.

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