February 9, 2008

Silicium is in stage 14 of the siliciumseries, the series of interaction. It is the same stage as Carbon and it is similar to capricorn, which is the polarity between formal and depressed. The final purpose is construction, making the vision of Aluminium concrete, leading to a constructive interaction. 

Capricorn and gemini represent the body and mind. They have to integrate the spirit and soul, which are represented by the complementary signs, cancer and sagittarius.

About Silicea in Prisma:

The conflict between inner and outer life. Too much in the head, not in touch with instinct and feeling, not rooted. Indecision is a big problem. Mind doing one thing and body doing another. Split between art and science, the scientific thinking temperament battling with the artistic feeling or intuitive temperament. The split often occurs in the field of relationships with others. The person can be pulled between their own needs and the expectations of others.

Well known is the lack of self-confidence which has to do with interaction and the overworked mental state. 

It is a matter of communication, a fear of being unable to find exactly the right words. Seeks for words and has even greater difficulty in expressing his thoughts in writing. Nevertheless he wants to go on working, even though he has reached the limit of his endurance long ago.

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