February 11, 2008

With Sulphur we arrive at puberty during the human development. Here is the transition from the primordial part of the zodiac into the individual part. The earth- and airsigns represent the series of the periodic table, while the fire- and watersigns mark the transition between them.

Sulphur is in stage 16 which is the same stage as Oxygen, and shares the similarity with pisces, which resembles here the fantasies and lazyness. 

Although still part of the siliciumseries, this part is called Sulphur as a subseries and is very similar to leo, the individual spirit:

Ego development, setting yourself apart from the rest of the world. Becoming your own person. Self-expression, being true to your inner nature, acting from the heart. Dawning awareness of self in relation to others. Ego, self-centred, arrogant. Creative expression. Needs to be center of attention, likes to be noticed and appreciated. Personal integrity, honorable, trustworthy, self-assured, confident. 

Expression is the purpose here, but the polarity arrogant and disrespect has to be explored first. Here with Sulphur the individuation process begins: 

Individuation is a natural, inherent process in man. It cannot be stimulated by something external, but it grows from the inside. Just as the body can become deformed or sick by lack of nutrition or movement, the personality can be deformed by lack of experience or education.

But also the complementary signs are well known characteristics of Sulphur. The philosophical theorizing (sagittarius) about revolutionary ideas (aquarius) and also the knowledge of many details (virgo).

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