February 13, 2008

Chlorine in homeopathy is best known as muriaticum. The picture is very similar to the astrological picture of cancer, the primordial soul

Nurturing, support, emotional bonding, belonging, roots, source. Ground of your being. The unconscious, feelings, emotion, first emotional attachments to the world. Mothering, emotional and physical nurturing. Experiences and imprinting during infancy and childhood. Family, ancestors, heritage, relationships to the past. Belonging, feeling at home, caring. Feeling supported, that needs are provided for. Insecurities and fears if your needs haven’t been fulfilled.

Scholten talks about the close relationship between mother and child. 

It is a relation that has to end sometime, the child has to go it’s own way as an adult. 

But also relations in general: 

Afraid the other will abandon them or die. Feeling they are abandoned and do not dare to move on in life. Keep brooding about past relations.

Chlorine is in stage 17 which is the same as FluorSo it is mainly about the polarity claiming and abandon (cancer) and about holding on and releasing (stage 17). 

The complementary sign (capricorn) also plays an important role here with the polarity between formal and depressed. The goal is to learn how to use the emotions in a constructive way.  

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