February 15, 2008

With Kalium we arrive at the ironseries of the periodic table. The previous series of the human development, where about the manifestion of a strong personality in the carbonseries, and learning how to interact with others in the siliciumseries. With Sulphur and Chlorine, the personality transformed into an individual, which acts from an inner source. 

Here in the ironseries the duty begins, it is the start of a profession, learn how to accomplish a task. So the central theme of the ironseries is function, the alternation between critical and indifferent. 

Kalium is in stage 1, the same as Hydrogen, Lithium and Natrium. It is similar to aries, which is the polarity between irritable and exhaustion. Getting started with a task, impulsive function. Scholten talks about just doing their duty.  

Very conscious about their task. They work best alone. Stoic they go their own way, and do not like others to interfere with their task. Naive follow their own routine, which makes them rigid. Not reflect their principles. No need to talk about it, just have to do their job. With their impulsiveness and optimism they can accomplish much. But it can get overdone and lead to failures. They do not think their way of working through. 

The complementairy sign of the whole ironseries is pisces. In the first part of the series this is seen in the outside world and in stage 1 this goes together with libra, the complement of aries. So Kalium has to work hard, because laziness (pisces) and ignorance (libra) are not recognised as a part of the self.

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