February 17, 2008

The next remedy of the ironseries is Calcium. It is in stage 2, the same as Beryllium and Magnesium, which is similar to taurus.

Calcium is a combination of two earthsigns with the complement of two watersigns. Earth and watersigns are both passive, which is a well known characteristic of Calcium in homeopathy.

Another important item of Calcium is fear (taurus) of criticism (virgo). In homeopathy and the elements: 

Fear of what others might think of them. Especially watched in their work. Afraid that it will not be good enough. The fear that others will not find them good enough, shows in a strong sensitivity for criticism. Undergo the criticism passive, have no defense against it, except closing off. Try to do their work as good as possible, so that nobody can criticise it. Try to cover up their mistakes. The cause is often that others criticised them openly. Feeling that everything has to be done according regulations, inclined to check everything. 

The essence of Calcium is the delusion that others will observe their confusion. Confusion is, like laziness, also a form of pisces, the complementary sign of the whole ironseries.

So with Kalium in stage 1 this complement is only seen in the outside world. Here with Calcium in stage 2 there is an awareness of their own inner nature, but not something they want to be part of their personality.

Next: Scandium

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