February 28, 2008

With Niccolum we arrive at the top of the ironseries. It is the first remedy where the individual is totally separate from his primordial background. With the two previous stages cancer still played a role, but here in stage 10 the emotions are left out. Scholten talks about being cut of from their emotions.

Should not have strong and negative emotions. Think that others will not appreciate their emotions and will not appreciate them if they show those emotions. Hide their negative emotions. Can not feel anything so will not look at emotions. Go on until they do not know anymore what they feel. Do not know what is the matter with them.

The signs that play a role here are leo and virgo. It is the combination of confidence and perfection. 

Want to be successful in their work, with their task. There is no doubt about their function. Hard workers. Do their noble duty and want to do that. Are good at it. Want to be the best, at school, at home and at their job. Want to do their job as good as possible, at best perfect, get the best grades at school. Can become haughty. Have to keep themself under control.

But also the compliments aquarius and pisces are seen here. 

Restlessness and tense feeling. Do not want to be confronted with something suddenly. Distance to others, no deep relations. Hate being controled. Need to escape of all the rules. Hate bureaucraty, do not hold to rules. Want to go into the wide world. Or go into a complete fantasy world.

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