March 3, 2008

Here at this point is the transition from the individual part of the zodiac into the universal part, seen in the totality of the ironseries. The previous transition was the individual becoming separate from his primordial background. It was the transition from the primordial soul (cancer) into the individual spirit (leo).

With this transition the individual soul (scorpio) goes over into the universal spirit (sagittarius). It is the point where the experiences of the individual have to be seen in a bigger whole.

Becoming a member of a wider society. Experiences that lead to consciousness expansion. Being receptive to new points of view, wisdom, enlightenment. Using your talents for the benefit of the greater whole. Freedom loving, idealist, unfetterd by small thinking, inspiration, religion, philosophy, the law. Awareness of connections to the rest of the world, can be distant from others. Afraid to give up freedom, reluctant to be tied down, aware of the value of the social contract. Enthusiastic, generous, loves abstract, theoretical ideas, sees the big picture, ignores the details. In love with an ideal, strong opinion. Foreign travel, liberating experiences.

But with Gallium this is in the limited totality of the ironseries and therefore a limited expression of the sagittarius principle.

Narrow-minded and obstinately attached to their own opinion and intolerant toward others. Often jump to conclusions without taking all factors into consideration.

Gallium is in stage 13 which is the same stage as Boron (carbonseries) and Aluminium (siliciumseries).

The purpose of sagittarius is to develop a vision after exploring the polarity of judgement and withdrawal. The vision has to go beyond the individual viewpoint.

Gallium in Homeopathy and the elements:

Hold on to their known methods. Can not see other possibilities because they are trapped in their own pattern. See that their pattern does not have optimal results, technique is obsolete and see that others have better results. Can not keep up with new techniques and feel threatened to loose his job to someone younger. Try to hold on, but everything changes. Withdraw on old routines. Nostalgia. Want to do everything their own way. Stay independent. Withdrawing to their own island of self opinionated safety. There is no point in entering a discussion.

The complement is gemini which is about interaction. Instead of judgement and withdrawal there has be an exchange with other visions about individual experiences.

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2 Responses to “Gallium”

  1. That is now one that will have to wait until the summer window.

  2. You’re far from your family, it’s not the same.

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