March 15, 2008

Selenium is in stage 16 of the ironseries. Oxygen and Sulphur are also in that stage which is similar to pisces.

Surrender to the universe, to higher goals, ego sacrifice. Compassion and empathy, selfless work. Seeing the unity of all things. The end of cycles, forming seeds for the next cycle of growth. Mysticism, fails to make normal distinctions. Laziness, victim, martyr, servant. Tends to escapism. Fantasy, drugs, alcohol, religion. Very receptive, sensitive, even psychic. Co-dependency, care-taking.

The complement of pisces is virgo, which is similar to the whole ironseries.

The ironseries has the polarity between critical and indifference with the purpose of function after integrating the quality of pisces. And stage 16 has the polarity between laziness and confusion with the purpose of compassion after integrating the quality of virgo.

Scholten mentions indifference and lazyness in their work.

Feel indifferent to their task. Do not have a sense of duty anymore. Always behind with their work, but always come up with an excuse. Inclined to work shortly, until they have enough to live from. Sloppy, let everything become a chaos. Feeling that they can get things done even if they do not work so hard. Inclined to fantasise about their work. All kind of ideas and fantasies about how it would have been if they had chosen another study or job. Do as if everything is easy for them. When criticised they are inclined to neglect that. Become cynical to those who criticise them. 

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