March 19, 2008

With Bromium the ironseries is coming to an end. It is in stage 17 like Fluor and Chlorine. Stage 17 is about finding the balance between holding on and release. With Bromium it is about release of the function.

Perfection of the approach to life. Development of mundane skills, ability to change to adapt to life better. Service, helping, perfectionist, always seeking to improve, efficiency, practical, functional, analytical. Reacts to defeats and setbacks by pulling back and altering approach. Lacks confidence in the face of opposition, lives up to duties and responsibilities.

The individual has become as skilled and perfect as possible, up to the point where it would go at the cost of others. This might explain the guilt, because of doing things totaly ‘my way’.

The complement pisces plays an important role here.

Compassion and empathy, selfless work. Seeing the unity of all things. The end of cycles, forming seeds for the next cycle of growth. Mysticism, fails to make normal distinctions. Laziness, victim, martyr, servant. Tends to escapism. Fantasy, drugs, alcohol, religion. Very receptive, sensitive, even psychic.

The polarity of pisces can be seen between laziness and confusion, but also between deceive and disappear. Scholten talks about guilt and escape.

Have to let the work go. Because of a disease, their age, or are dismissal. A typical situation is that of pension. Would like to go on, find it difficult to sit still, want to have something to do. Or can not release the work and are convicted to work. Guilt because not doing their work or duty. Feeling they are disapproved and convicted. Can not stand being watched. Think they will be found guilty. Tendency to escape. Feel haunted, by people or ghosts. In the most extreme case they become psychotic. Sit quiet, just stare, or are restless with their hands. Delusion that God wants to punish him.

This religious side is also a characteristic of pisces, which has the final purpose of compassion.

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