March 21, 2008

Krypton is about the transition to the second half of the zodiac, here we are coming above the horizon. Next is the silverseries which is similar to libra. It is the point of full moon, the process is turning around.

Libra is the logical follow up of virgo and therefore the sign that goes with the silverseries. It also fits the observations of Scholten who talks about the silverseries as art and esthetics. But he also talks about ideas and inspiration which belongs to sagittarius, the universal spirit.

So libra as well as sagittarius both seem to belong to the silverseries. But the problem is that they are not next to each other in the zodiac. There is a sign in between those two, scorpio. Scorpio does not fit here, but it is perfect for the lanthanides.

So with scorpio/sagittarius is the same difficulty as there was with cancer/leo. Although cancer comes before leo in the zodiac, the similar remedies are the other way around in the periodic table, first Sulphur and then Chlorum.

And the same here, sagittarius belonging to the silverseries and scorpio belonging to the lanthanides.

So it is as if the spirit is going to the new area (from primordial to individual in puberty and from individual to universal in midlife) and the soul to follow takes a longer time.

But with Krypton it is not so far yet. It is in stage 18 of the ironseries and therefore it is the phase of rest before going over to ‘the other’ (libra).

Stage 18 in general:

Rest, a pause before the start of a new cycle. Just want to stay in one place and do nothing. Locked up in their isolated condition. The experiences of the previous cycle are internalised and integrated.

With Krypton this is the transition from the ironseries to the silverseries. Or from virgo to libra/sagittarius. Or from function to reflection and vision.

Do not want to look at their work yet, what could be changed. They took a distance from the routinework, but do not want to be occupied yet with the speciality. No need yet to leave their practical, pragmatic attitude. 

Next: Rubidium

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