March 25, 2008

Next remedy in the silverseries is Yttrium. It is in stage 3, the same stage as Scandium in the ironseries.

After the impulsive reflection and vision of Rubidium in stage 1, and the manifest reflection and vision of Strontium in stage 2, there is the interactive reflection and vision of Yttrium in stage 3 of the silverseries.

Stage 3 is similar to gemini.

Clever, curious, communication. Making connection with surroundings. Trying to figure out, intelligence. Talkative, sociable, loves to interact with others on a superficial level. Unemotional, impersonal, ruled by rationality. Requires great mental stimulation. Playful, inconstant, attention easily drifts so something new, seeks novelty.

Gemini has the polarity between curious and anxious, with the purpose of interaction.

Gemini is also the complement of sagittarius, which is similar to the whole silverseries (together with libra), so the characteristics of gemini are an important part of Yttrium.

Scholten about Yttrium:

Doubting what they want to create. Investigating. Follow all kinds of education. Comparing. Not dare to really choose something out of fear to choose the wrong thing. Not dare to bring something new. Searching what they will do. Changeable. Busy with all kind of things, but get nothing finished. Want to get inspiration. Not showing what they create. Try outs. Not dare to stand up for their designs. Not dare to be different, afraid to fall outside the group, to be an outsider. Discover potential in themselves, but doubt if it is really possible. Easily discouraged. Undervalue their own talents. Stop easily. Think others can do better. Communication difficult.

Next: Zirconium


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