March 27, 2008

With Zirconium we arrive at stage 4 of the silverseries, which is between the signs gemini (stage 3, interaction) and cancer (stage 5, emotion).

Stage 4 has the characteristics of both and can be described as doubleminded. The rational decision (gemini) and the actual experience (cancer).

It is the same stage as Titanium in the ironseries. Here with Zirconium it is on the level of the silverseries, which is about reflection (libra),

Harmony, balance, social awareness. Learning how to get along with others, treating others as equals. Art, beauty, harmonious surroundings, distressed by inharmonious interactions. 

and vision (sagittarius).

Being receptive to new points of view, wisdom, enlightenment. Using your talents for the benefit of the greater whole. Freedom loving, idealist, unfetterd by small thinking, inspiration, religion, philosophy, the law.

So Zirconium is the struggle between mind (gemini) and soul (cancer) in the series about art (libra) and inspiration (sagittarius).

In Homeopathy and the elements.

Start with a creative career. Opening their own practise, or the first official exposition. All kind of new ideas and want to carry them out. Want to establish their inspiration. At the beginning of something new and unique and want to get credit for that. Want to declare their ideas, give them a form. Want to break through the old known routine patterns. Want there to be room for creative impulses. Hate to adjust, want to have the freedom to develop their own ideas. Also insecure and hesitating. Can the inspiration be brought into practise. Often fail if they begin with the practise of their inspiration. Become insecure and collaps.  

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One Response to “Zirconium”

  1. Ruth Jones said

    Hi! Could we connect? Are you an astrologist and homeopath? This article is SO uncanny for me because I was trying to find a remedy for my friend who is an astrologist and also a Gemini. I’d love to correspond with you.

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