April 3, 2008

Next remedy in the silverseries is Ruthenium. It is in stage 8 and, like in the ironseries, stage 8, 9 and 10 repeat the transition from the primordial part of the zodiac into the individual part.

Stage 8 is a repetition of the primordial soul and individual spirit (cancer/leo), stage 9 the repetition of the primordial soul and individual body (cancer/virgo) and stage 10 the individual spirit and individual body (leo/virgo).

Until this point in the silverseries we got: impulsive (stage 1, aries), manifest (stage 2, taurus), interactive (stage 3, gemini), interactive/emotional (stage 4, gemini/cancer), emotional (stage 5, cancer), expressive (stage 6, leo) and functional (stage 7, virgo) reflection (silverseries, libra) and vision (silverseries, sagittarius).

So with stage 8 we have the potential (spirit and soul) transition into the individual part of the silverseries. After the technical perfection of the previous stage (stage 7, virgo), here in stage 8 the past experiences (cancer) and inner nature (leo) make this an essential phase.

The complimentary signs provide determination (capricorn) and progression (aquarius).

In Homeopathy and the elements:

Feeling that they have to force themselves to bring what they want to bring. There has to be done a lot of work. Feel a lot of pressure, have to persevere. Find the strenght in themselves to go  on. Very courageous and independent. Want to convince others that they are right, want their ideas to find a way in. Not get distracted by minor problems or objections. Experience their inspiration as a pressure, as something that can only be realised with much effort. Experience the circumstances as opposing. Project the pressure they build up within theirselves on others that do not cooperate. Feeling opposed while they just have to push through. Force themselves and do not rest in time.  

Next: Rhodium

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