April 4, 2008

Rhodium is the remedy of stage 9. The signs that belong to that stage are cancer and virgo. It is the next step after the experiences (cancer) of the inner nature (leo) in stage 8.

Here in stage 9 it is about experience (cancer) and perfection (virgo), which can easily go into insecurity and criticism. And as this is the silverseries, the insecurity (cancer) and criticism (virgo) are a reflection (libra) on their own vision (sagittarius).

The complementary signs of stage 9 are capricorn and pisces. So serious and ambitious (capricorn) as well as a tendency to escape (pisces).

Scholten mentions the focus on the finishing touch.

Almost there, almost reached the top. Make the final steps and then it is finished. Want to test everything for the last time before the official performance. With the final rehearsal there can be made minor improvements. Although everything is right for a good performance, they stay afraid that it will go wrong. Cancel the performance out of fear that it will be a fiasco. Very nervous, especially just before the performance. Afraid to make an error that will fade away all the preparations of years. Possibilities to become the best, but get stuck in this phase and always be second best.

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