April 13, 2008

Cadmium is the last remedy of the individual part of the silverseries. It is in stage 12, the same as Zincum in the ironseries. After the individual mind of the previous stage, stage 12 is about the individual soul. The phase where logic and reason are no longer enough, where the individual has to look inside, investigate his own soul. The sign that reflects that process is scorpio.

Transformation, change, ego-death, rebirth, transcendence. Intense emotional involvement with the process of personal growth. Movement from individual certainties to the mysteries of life. Spirit breaking through the limitations of  the individual ego. Intense, passionate, brooding, magnetic, unyielding, driven by emotions. Stands up for self, usually covertly, manipulates power. Understands deeper layers of the psyche beyond the ego, unable to communicate this well leading to misunderstandings. Intrigued by the dark side of life. The underground, people whose job involves going beneath surface appearances. Breaking free of illusory limitations. Self-mastery.

Scholten talks about overshooting the mark.

Make creations that are not appreciated by the public. Vision is excessive. Feeling that others do not understand it. Lost in all kind of ideas and creations. Trapped in their success, exaggerate where they did have success with. Make everything very dramatic, become theatrical and act bizar. Everything has to be extravagant. More of the same. Reproductions of what should be unique. Keep producing on behalf of the production, inside it is empty. Pollution with all kinds of meaningless publications. Feeling that people are against them and oppose them. See enemies everywhere. Get resistance because of their suspicious and stubborn behaviour. Criticise others and distract the criticism on themselves, diversionary tactic. Decline of influence, become powerless. Overwhelmed by enemies and circumstances. Feel thrown away by forces they can not control and feel locked up in old patterns.

So here it is about integrating (scorpio) the vision (sagittarius) of the other (libra).

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  1. Good piece, Annemieke.
    Thank you.

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