April 14, 2008

The first remedy from the universal part of the silverseries is Indium. Indium is in stage 13 which is the same stage as Boron (carbonseries), Aluminium (siliciumseries) and Gallium (ironseries). The astrological sign here is sagittarius, the universal spirit.

Consciousness expansion. Freedom loving, idealist, unfettered by small thinking, inspiration, religion, philosophy, the law. Awareness of connections to the rest of the world, can be distant from others. Afraid to give up freedom, reluctant to be tied down. Enthusiastic, generous, loves abstract, theoretical ideas, sees the big picture, ignores the details. In love with an ideal, strong opinion.

The emphasis on sagittarius is very strong here, as it is also part of the whole silverseries. Here it becomes more and more clear that sagittarius can not reach its full potential. The silverseries is similar to libra and sagittarius, but they do not follow each other in the zodiac.

The sign in between is scorpio, and although it has played its part in the stages (stage 12), it is not part yet of the human development as a whole. That will not happen until going into the goldseries, where stage 3 has the hidden development of the lanthanides.

So the universal part of the silverseries is about projecting (libra) a vision (sagittarius) on the rest of the world, without the inner development of the individual. And with Indium the vision will be very present, as it is the intersection of sagittarius in series as well as in stage.

In Homeopathy and the elements it says dogmatic, withdraw on ideas.

Perfect conservators, people who are at their place in museums. Want others to also see that it has been done much better in the old days. Collect antique. Have seen it all, do not need to hear something new. Have their mind made up, are dogmatic and know it all better. New ideas are not for them. Stay behind with the new developments. Disbelief in possibilities of development. Hold on to the old ways. Can not wonder anymore, because everything is well known already. Sometimes an old piece emerges that can make them enthusiastic, but mostly they live with the feeling they all seen it before. Withdraw in their ivory tower. Others do not understand it, so why would they want to try to convince them, who is interested must come to them. Watch with disbelief how new talents get the attention of the public.

And although the vision will not be a result of an inner battle yet, it does need its complement gemini to come to an interaction with other visions.

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