May 1, 2008

Next in the silverseries is Tellurium. Like Oxygen, Sulphur and Selenium it is in stage 16, which is similar to pisces.

Surrender to the universe, to higher goals, ego sacrifice. Compassion and empathy, selfless work. Seeing the unity of all things. The end of cycles, forming seeds for the next cycle of growth. Mysticism, fails to make normal distinctions. Laziness, victim, martyr, servant. Tends to escapism. Fantasy, drugs, alcohol, religion. Very receptive, sensitive, even psychic. Co-dependency, care-taking.

After breaking free in the stage of aquarius, the stage of pisces is about unity. It is the universal soul, so it is also beyond the individual, but it is not rational anymore. With aquarius, the universal mind, there is a conscious exchange with the whole world. Pisces, the universal soul, is becoming one with the whole world.

The final goal is compassion, but first there is the polarity of lazyness and confusion. Lazy and confused (pisces) about reflection (libra) and vision (sagittarius). The phase of surrender in the totality of the silverseries.

The complement is virgo, which has to be integrated.

Embodiment of the individual in the world. Problems of adjustment dealing with the world and others. Perfection of the approach to life. Development of mundane skills, ability to change to adapt to life better. Service, helping, perfectionist, always seeking to improve, efficiency, practical, functional, analytical. Interested in crafts and projects, true to self in a simple, unassuming manner. Reacts to defeats and setbacks by pulling back and altering approach. Lacks confidence in the face of opposition, lives up to duties and responsibilities. Interested in maintaining the body as a fit vehicle.

Next: Iodium

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