May 8, 2008

Xenon is the last remedy from the silverseries. It is in stage 18, the same stage as Helium (hydrogenseries), Neon (carbonseries), Argon (siliciumseries) and Krypton (ironseries). It is the phase of transformation, the transformation from the silverseries into the goldseries.

Now it gets more complicated as this has to be the transition from libra and sagittarius (silverseries) to capricorn (goldseries). The difficulty is getting more prominent now, as scorpio still did not have its place and will not get it until stage 3 in the goldseries, where the lanthanides are hidden. 

With Xenon the reflection of libra is incorporated and already a characteristic of the personality. There is no desire yet for construction, which is a characteristic of the goldseries. But also the vision of sagittarius is not incorporated yet, because it is a vision that is not yet based on a personality that is whole. Without the individual soul there is not yet a strong and powerful individual that is his own master. And as a result the vision is still limited.   

This is a phase of rest, a pause before the start of a new cycle. A cycle that is more complicated than all previous ones. There is a cycle within a cycle, the lanthanides that are hidden within the goldseries, where finally the characteristics of scorpio can become part of the personality.

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