May 13, 2008

Barium is in stage 2 of the goldseries. It is in the same stage as Beryllium (carbonseries), Magnesium (siliciumseries), Calcium (ironseries) and Strontium (silverseries). Barium, like Calcium is similar to two earthsigns. But unlike Calcium, none of those two belongs to the individual part of the zodiac. The goldseries is similar to capricorn, the universal body and stage 2 is similar to taurus, the primordial body.

Grounding, bringing down to earth. Constancy, steadiness, entering matter, taking on a form. Earthy, grounded, in touch with the body. Sensual, pleasure seeking. Stubborn, fixed, stands their ground. Focuses and concentrates energy, gives it concrete expression. Practical, provides stamina and persistence. Slow, steady, methodical.

The goal of taurus is manifestation, but at first there is the polarity between stubborn and fear. And in the case of Barium, stubborn and fear in the area of the goldseries, which itself has the polarity of formal and depressed with the final purpose of construction.

The complements are cancer, the primordial soul and scorpio, the individual soul. So there is the polarity of claiming and abandon (cancer) and the polarity of manipulate and abuse (scorpio).

Together with that there is still the judgement and withdrawal of sagittarius, here with the passive body and soul signs. One of the soul signs, cancer will play a role as the complement of the whole goldseries. And scorpio, the other soulsign is going to play a major role in the series that is under the surface of the goldseries. It is one of the most difficult but also one of the most rewarding processes in the human development

Scorpio is the last phase of the individuation process, that started with leo, the individual spirit, that discovered its own unique quality. But this unique quality is useless, if it is not made available for the benefits of the world as a whole.

And as long as the individual has no knowledge of his own subconscious drives, he is likely to use his power on others instead of using it for his inner development. Getting to know and master yourself, to become capable and powerful to serve the world.

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