May 18, 2008

Cerium is the second remedy of the lanthanides and is in stage 4, the same stage as Titanium (ironseries) and Zirconium (silverseries). Stage 4 is the combination of the signs gemini and cancer, the primordial mind and soul.

Titanium was struggling with the rational decision (gemini) and the actual experience (cancer) in the area of the function (ironseries), while Zirconium had that same struggle with reflection and vision (silverseries). 

Cerium is a combination of mind and soul, the primordial mind (gemini, stage 4 and lanthanides) together with the primordial soul (stage 4, cancer) and individual soul (lanthanides, scorpio).

Here in stage 4 is the phase of interaction (gemini) and emotion (cancer) in the totality of the lanthanides, which is about interactive (gemini) integration (scorpio).

Scholten mentions two remarkable symptoms of Cerium.

Feeling of not being in contact with the world, and do things without trial and error but by practising in their mind.

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