May 24, 2008

Next remedy of the lanthanides is Promethium and here the expression of the individual has to become functional. It is in stage 7, the same stage as Manganum (ironseries) and Technetium (silverseries). But like in the previous series that point is difficult to reach, and it takes until stage 10 to learn how to practise and incorporate that.

Stage 7 is about developing nessesary skills to deal with the difficulties of the series it is in. Here with Promethium it are the skills that are needed to deal with the process of becoming an autonomous individual, that can completely stand on its own.

With Neodymium in the previous stage, the expression of that individual emerged, and now with Promethium, ways have to be found to act and stay autonomous. Finding ways and methods to stand up to the undermining outside world.

Stage 7 is similar to the astrological sign virgo, the individual body

Embodiment of the individual in the world. Problems of adjustment dealing with the world and others. Perfection of the approach to life. Development of mundane skills, ability to change to adapt to life better. Service, helping, perfectionist, always seeking to improve, efficiency, practical, functional, analytical. Interested in crafts and projects, true to self in a simple, unassuming manner. Reacts to defeats and setbacks by pulling back and altering approach. Lacks confidence in  the face of opposition, lives up to duties and responsibilities. Interested in maintaining the body as a fit vehicle.

It has the polarity between critical and indifferent with the purpose of function. But this function needs the complement pisces, the universal soul.

Surrender to the universe, to higher goals, ego sacrifice. Compassion and empathy, selfless work. Seeing the unity of all things. The end of cycles, forming seeds for the next cycle of growth. Mysticism, fails to make normal distinctions. Laziness, victim, martyr, servant. Tends to escapism. Fantasy, drugs, alcohol, religion. Very receptive, sensitive, even psychic. Co-dependency, care-taking.

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3 Responses to “Promethium”

  1. Steph said

    Yep, I’m Virgo and I deeply recognise Promethium. But that was a long, long, time back :)

  2. Steph said

    … do we travers the Stages like Heracales? Or once a Virgo always a Virgo? If so I guess the “salt” gives the pathology.

  3. Annemieke said

    Yes, I have been wondering about that too. Personally I think it depends. I think some people come in that phase in the development of their live. But I also think some are sort of ‘born that way’ and have been in some stage from their birth on.

    And about the ‘salt’ giving the pathology, maybe indeed the pathology can lead to the salt.

    Interesting remedy, by the way, Promethium. If I remember well, it is an element that does not exist on earth.

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