June 2, 2008

With Terbium ‘the other’ comes in to play.  It is in stage 11 of the lanthanides, which is similar to libra, the first zodiac sign above the horizion. It is the phase of full moon and here the process turns around again.

Libra, the individual mind,  has the polarity of projecting and ignorance with the purpose of reflection.

Individual entering into relationship with others, partnership. One-to-one relationships. Meeting others as an equal, interdependency. Encountering repressed part of yourself through others. Going beyond ego boundaries. Peace, harmony, balance, social awareness. Learning how to get along with others, treating others as equals. Art, beauty, harmonious surroundings, distressed by inharmonious interactions. Dialogue, debate, conflict, enemies, justice.

Cuprum in stage 11 of the ironseries was about reflection on developed skills, and Argentum in the silverseries about reflection on art and inspiration. Here with the lanthanides, Terbium in stage 11 is about reflection on autonomy and inner development.

In Secret Lanthanides:

The most typical aspect of Terbium is a kind of gentlemanly quality. In all circumstances they try to stay friendly and in controle of themselves. It can express itself as a very charming quality.

Important here is to integrate the complement of libraaries, the primordial spirit

Activity that is self-motivated, unaffected by others. New beginnings, the start of new cycles, birth, vitality. Aggressive, willful, assertive. Focused in short bursts, unlikely to sustain interest in the long term. Adventurous, pioneering, warrior-type energy, impatient, works best alone. Unconcerned with approval or acceptance. Lacks persistence and stamina. Honest and forthright.  

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