June 8, 2008

Holmium is the first remedy of the universal part of the lanthanides. In the human development this is the point where the individual gets a view of the bigger whole. Holmium is in stage 13, the same stage as Gallium (ironseries) and Indium (silverseries). Here is the transition from the individual soul (scorpio) into the universal spirit (sagittarius).

Becoming a member of a wider society. Experiences that lead to consciousness expansion. Being receptive to new points of view, wisdom, enlightenment. Using your talents for the benefit of the greater whole. Freedom loving, idealist, unfettered by small thinking, inspiration, religion, philosophy, the law. Awareness of connections to the rest of the world, can be distant from others. Afraid to give up freedom, reluctant to be tied down, aware of the value of the social contract. Enthusiastic, generous, loves abstract, theoretical ideas, sees the big picture, ignores the details. In love with an ideal, strong opinion. Foreign travel, liberating experiences.

Sagittarius has the polarity of judging and withdraw with the purpose of vision. The complement is gemini with the polarity of curious and anxious and the purpose of interaction.

Clever, curious, communication. Making connection with surroundings. Trying to figure out, intelligence. Talkative, sociable, loves to interact with others on a superficial level. Unemotional, impersonal, ruled by rationality. Requires great mental stimulation. Playful, inconstant, attention easily drifts so something new, seeks novelty.

This transition was also in the ironseries and in the silverseries, but now with the lanthanides, it is the first time that the individual has found its autonomy.

In ‘Secret Lanthanides’, Scholten mentions cyniscism. 

The contra powers are too strong for them to maintain their own position. They still feel like fighting, at least to some extent. This can also be seen in their verbal fighting. They can express their opinion with sharp remarks. They can be really cynical and sarcastic. It shows that they feel they know better, but can not hold that opinion completely.

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