June 13, 2008

Erbium is in stage 14 of the lanthanides. It is the same stage as Carbon, Silicium, Germanium and Stannum. This stage is similar to capricorn, the universal body.  

Bring about the perfect society. Making practical, efficient connections with others on the physical plane. Ambitious, feels pride in accomplishments. Reality, hard facts. Relationship to authority. Serious, determined, disciplined, focused. Fathering, disciplining love. Authority figures. Seeks certainties in life. Want things in concrete. Concerned with the practical relationships to support yourself within society. Not interested in blue sky ideas, needs to bring theory into concrete reality. Knowing the rules and playing the game.

So stage 14 is in essence about construction. But first the polarity of formal and depressed has to be explored.

In the carbonseries this was the construction of the personality (Carbon, constructive manifestation). In the siliciumseries it was the construction of the communication (Silicium, constructive interaction). In the ironseries it was about the construction of the professional life (Germanium, constructive function) and in the silverseries the construction of art and inspiration (Stannum, constructive reflection/vision). 

With the lanthanides it is the phase of construction on the road to independence (Erbium, constructive interaction/integration).

In ‘Secret Lanthanides’, Erbium is described as stoic.

It is as if they have resigned, are standing aside from life. In a positive way this can express itself in ironic and laconic behaviour. This is when it’s a deep state, when it is their character. Philosophically they are stoic. In a depressed state it feels more like a gloom and being out of touch with the origin of it. 

The complement, which has to be integrated, is cancer.

Nurturing, support, emotional bonding, belonging, roots, source. Ground of your being.  The unconscious, feelings, emotion, first emotional attachments to the world. Mothering, emotional and physical nurturing. Experiences and imprinting during infancy and childhood. Family, ancestors, heritage, relationships to the past. Belonging, feeling at home, caring. Feeling supported, that needs are provided for. Insecurities and fears if your needs haven’t been fulfilled.

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