June 27, 2008

Lutetium is the last remedy of the lanthanides. It is in stage 17 and, like with the other remedies of that stage, here the characteristics of the complement of the whole series become more prominent. 

Fluor was in stage 17 of the carbonseries, which as a whole was similar to taurus. Taurus is about manifestation, which at the end in stage 17 is overdone. With Fluor, the complement becomes more prominent and the complement of taurus is scorpio. So the characteristics of scorpio play a prominent role in Fluor.

Chlorine was in stage 17 of the siliciumseries, which as a whole was similar to gemini. Gemini is about interaction, but stage 16 and 17 in the siliciumseries have its own dynamic, with Chlorine in stage 17 the emotions of cancer. The complement of cancer is capricorn and therefore the characteristics of capricorn play a prominent role in Chlorine.  

Bromium was in stage 17 of the ironseries, which as a whole was similar to virgo. Virgo is about function and at the end it has to be released. The complement is pisces and so the characteristics of pisces are more prominent with Bromium.

Iodium was in stage 17 of the silverseries, which as a whole was similar to libra and sagittarius. Those where about reflection and vision and the complements are aries and gemini. So impulsion and interaction are characteristics of Iodium.

Here with the lanthanides, which as a whole are similar to scorpio and gemini, the compliments taurus and sagittarius become important. That makes manifestation and vision characteristic in Lutetium. These are important features just before entering the goldseries.

But someone can get stuck in this phase and than there is no desire to step into the responsibility of the goldseries. Scholten calls them unbound and playful. 

The most striking quality is the playfulness. When that quality is their character they can be really nice and funny. They play with life and people in a lovely way. But with it they are also out of connection, unbound.

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