September 23, 2008

Tungsten is the first remedy of the individual part of the goldseries, the part where the individual becomes seperate from the primordial background, here in the whole of the goldseries.

It is in stage 6, the same stage as Chromium (ironseries), Molybdenum (silverseries) and Neodymium (lanthanides), which is similar to leo.

Ego development, setting yourself apart from the rest of the world. Becoming your own person. Self-expression, being true to your inner nature, acting from the heart. Dawning awareness of self in relation to others. Ego, self-centred, arrogant. Artistic or creative expression. Needs to be a center of attention, likes to be noticed and appreciated, ego-strokes. Personal integrity, true to self, honorable, trustworthy, self-assured, confident.

Leo has the polarity of arrogant and disrespected, so with Tungsten that polarity plays in the world of construction, leadership and responsibility (goldseries/capricorn).

Bring about the perfect society. Making practical, efficient connections with others on the physical plane. Ambitious, feels pride in accomplishments. Reality, hard facts. Relationship to authority. Serious, determined, disciplined, focused. Fathering, disciplining love. Authority figures. Seeks certainties in life. Want things in concrete. Concerned with the practical relationships to support yourself within society. Not interested in blue sky ideas, needs to bring theory into concrete reality. Knowing the rules and playing the game.

The complement of leo and stage 6 is aquarius which has the polarity of destruction and nervousness. The middle path of aquarius is invention, which is needed to get to the purpose of stage 6, expression.

So Tungsten is about expression (stage 6) of ambition (goldseries).

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