I am very passionate about homeopathy and see it as a potential powerful tool. Powerful because it can do amazing things, but only potential because it depends on the level of similarity.

I am also very interested in people and their development. Development as a growth in complexity, that can be seen everywhere around us. For me, the most ideal development is seen in the zodiac, a mental picture which can have many forms.

And one of the most beautiful developments is seen in the periodic table, a physical manifestation of that ideal world.

What I want to do with this weblog is go through these basic elements in their role as homeopathic remedies.  I will start with Hydrogen and one day I might end with Plutonium or even beyond (preface).

Periodic Table: www.homeopathicelements.com


11 Responses to “About”

  1. one of the finest blog & web page in homeopathy ! Congrats!

  2. laughingmysocksoff said

    I like your idea of finding correspondences between the Periodic Table and the zodiac. Have you done much work on relating individual patients’ charts to successful elemental/salt remedies they’ve been prescribed?

  3. In general I do not have the time of birth, so I can not make an individual chart. Although with only the date there is much to see, like emphasis on signs, strong aspects, phase of the moon and the node- and blackmoon axis. And it is a way to get ideas for which stage to use, or on which level to look, individual or not. But most of the time I do not use it very concrete, it is more an abstract way of searching for a language that describes the development in a logical order.

  4. admin said

    You have an interesting and thought provoking site.


  5. Steph said

    Anna, I’v been working on a Plants Database for a couple of years
    @ http://www.homeopathynow.co.uk/app/kingdom.html

    I also wrote a simple Elements Table when I was in my 1st yr (clik on top right of Plants page).

    I’v also put up a blog on the Minerals at http://structuralhomeopathy.blogspot.com/
    I hope you find it as interesting as I found yours :)
    Steph Nile (NWCH)

  6. Annemieke said

    Thank you so much for the links, it looks very interesting.

  7. Hey A,
    This is a fascinating BLOG!
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom.
    Bring Back Pluto
    “ONE of THE GUYS”

  8. Gabriel said


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  9. Нурсултан Каилбек said

    HEllo everyone! I am very happy that find this web site. My story is i am in depersonalization depression 5 years and every day i look out ways of help me i tried many esoteric practise but no help then i find homeopathy and then connection of homeopathy and astrology zodiaz. So I will be very happy if you can help me to fint my constitutional remedy i was born 22.11.1995 Scorpio thank you very much
    ps sorry for my bad english it is not my foreing language so

  10. C L Barton said

    Could you give me any advice re. online courses? I’m very interested in training to become a homeopath, but unsure where to start; and currently in lockdown so would prefer distance learning.

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