January 29, 2008

Here is the start of the carbonseries, where energy gets concentrated and takes a form. It is the first of the series that are reflected by the earth-signs of the zodiac.

The sign that follows aries in the zodiac is taurus.

Grounding, bringing down to earth. Constancy, steadiness, entering matter, taking on a form. Earthy, grounded, in touch with the body. Sensual, pleasure seeking. Stubborn, fixed, stands their ground. Focuses and concentrates energy, gives it concrete expression. Practical, provides stamina and persistance. Slow, steady and methodical.  

In the human development it is in the form of the physical body. In Homeopathy and the elements:

This series is the hardest to understand. The reason is that the theme is so general and therefore so vague. Words like ‘life’, ‘body’ and ‘being’ are very general and every problem has its result on the physical body. This level is therefore difficult to separate from other levels.

The whole series has to do with manifestation, which has to find the balance between stubborn and fear. The complement is a polarisation between manipulation and abuse, which I call integration.

Every element in the carbonseries has this theme in its own way. So Lithium in stage 1 of the carbonseries is called ‘impulsive manifestion’.

Scholten again:

Beginning of self discovery. Cannot decide and busy with details without coming to a conclusion. Just acting impulsive, so often things go wrong. Others do not understand what was meant, or what they do is way overdone. Desillusions. Just try again and again. A sort of trial and error. Prone to the extremes of good and evil. From one extreme into the other. Easy influenced and take over others opinion. Need authorities that can tell them how the world works.

Next: Beryllium

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