May 31, 2008

At the top of the lanthanides is Gadolinium. It is in stage 10, the same stage as Niccolum (ironseries) and Palladium (silverseries).

With Gadolinium the insecurity makes place for confidence. While in stage 9 perfection (virgo) was combined with insecurity (cancer), is in stage 10 the perfection combined with confidence (leo).   

Ego development, setting yourself apart from the rest of the world. Becoming your own person. Self-expression, being true to your inner nature, acting from the heart. Dawning awareness of self in relation to others. Ego, self-centred, arrogant. Artistic or creative expression. Needs to be a center of attention, likes to be noticed and appreciated, ego-strokes. Personal integrity, true to self, honorable, trustworthy, self-assured, confident.

So stage 10 is the phase of confidence (leo) and perfection (virgo) in the totality of the lanthanides. It is the final result of the development of the self.

Here with Gadolinium the individual has complete self-control. And it is not before the next stage that the control gets disturbed by ‘the other’ (libra).

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7 Responses to “Gadolinium”

  1. Anonymous said

    is this a remedy you would give from ill effects from a MRI with contrast dye gadolinium

  2. camilla gold said

    in response to question re MRI – homoeopathy is based on the totality of symptoms ie if the patient fits the picture of gadolinium, (and the above is only a brief description) from a pathological, mental/emotional and spiritual point of view, the answer may well be yes. however, as homoeopathy is also based on the law of similars, not “sames”, it is also possible that the appropriate remedy could be derived from another substance that is better suited to the individual.

  3. Daniela said

    I have taken gadolinium and at the time my healing abilities showed up, it was amazing, since then I keep looking for the remedy. It practically balanced me in such an amazing way I felt relaxed, calm. And yes, I fit the description perfectly.

  4. AG said

    ill effects of MRI you can give Magnetus ambi 200K. It stabilised the cells again and put them in the “normal” way.

  5. ML said

    Magnetus ambi? Can’t find any information on it…please provide links.

  6. Anonymous said

    is ML still alive?

  7. T said

    What about nux vomica. It can help.

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