February 27, 2008

The next three stages repeat the previous ones. The previous three stages where similar to cancer (stage 5), leo (stage 6) and virgo (stage 7). But the emphasis was more on the complements capricorn (high goals), aquarius (challenge) and pisces (benevolence).

With Ferrum in stage 8 of the ironseries, there are the signs cancer and leo. And as a result the compliments capricorn and aquarius.

Words that Scholten uses for stage 8 are:

Persevering, force, pressure, heavy, tension, compress, resistiance, obstruction, through, oppression.

These are all qualities that belong to capricorn and aquarius.

But the difference with the remedy where capricorn also played a role, Vanadium, is that here with Ferrum there is the combination with leo.

With Vanandium there was the alternation between society (capricorn) and the security of home (cancer).

Here with Ferrum there is the individual focus of leo which makes it a capricorn quality that comes from the inside of the individual. And gives it the power to push through.

And the difference with the remedy where aquarius also played a role, Chromium, is that here with Ferrum, there is the emotional sensitivity of cancer.

And this together with the accomplishment of the task and the critical attitude of the ironseries.

Ferrum in Homeopathy and the elements:

Feeling they have to push through in their work. They push through, go on, no matter how heavy their task is. Very forceful and robust, do not hesitate. It is not so much that they want to practise power, but their task has to be done good. It has to be durable. What they do has to be useful. A heavy task, have to persevere to get it done. Work with great discipline. Hate a bad organisation and disorder. Very sensitive to criticism. See it as obstruction and get very irritated. Have to do their job and can not be distracted and disrupted. Failure because of being too forceful.

Next: Cobaltum

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