February 28, 2008

Cobaltum is in stage 9 of the ironseries. Like Manganum in stage 7 and like the whole ironseries, stage 9 is similar to virgo.

Embodiment of the individual in the world. Problems of adjustment dealing with the world and others. Perfection of the approach to life. Development of mundane skills, ability to change to adapt to life better. Service, helping, perfectionist, always seeking to improve, efficiency, practical, functional, analytical. Interested in crafts and projects, true to self in a simple, unassuming manner. Reacts to defeats and setbacks by pulling back and altering approach. Lacks confidence in the face of opposition, lives up to duties and responsibilities. Interested in maintaining the body as a fit vehicle.

But along with the perfection and improving of virgo, there is also the insecurity, the isolation and irrational fear of cancer. Cobaltum misses the confidence and self-expression of leo.

Scholten calls it the finishing touch, but they get stuck there and never get to the final completion.

Want to do everything perfect. Have to test everything. Details can give problems. Do not want to make mistakes. Afraid it can all go wrong. Irrational fear, as if they did something wrong, but they do not know what. The feeling easy to make mistakes. Little self-confidence. They know they can do it, but are afraid that it will go wrong. That they will fail. Close, but not yet there. Canceling of a project. The feeling it would have been a failure. Get a black out because of their fears. Typical is give up just before the exam because they think it will go wrong. Feeling of failure before the community. Feel isolated. 

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